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Glass Ceilings

  1. animals
    Westminster Is Apparently Rife With Dog SexismSome have claimed there’s a “glass ceiling” in the competition.
  2. I see what you did there
    You’ll Never Guess Where Hillary Clinton Is Holding Her Election Night PartySo much glass, so intact.
  3. glass ceilings
    Hillary Clinton Has a Message for Young GirlsIt’s history in the making, after all.
  4. women in hollywood
    Scarlett Johansson Is Now the Highest-Grossing Actress of All TimeGood job, ScarJo!
  5. Teach Your Daughters the Power of Being Realistic With This Glass Ceiling Game“Your looks are considered too distracting to your male co-workers. Move back two spaces.”
  6. glass ceilings
    Man Paid to Put Face Near Leo DiCaprio’s ButtSeems like plenty of others would be happy to do the job for free.
  7. glass ceilings
    Overachieving Ballerina Gets Overdue PromotionAfter 15 years with the American Ballet Theater, Misty Copeland is the first African-American principal dancer in an elite company.
  8. glass ceilings
    First Female Auto CEO Likes Camaros and JeansAlso, breaking glass ceilings.
  9. think of the children
    Childless Women Would Like Work-Life Balance Too, PleaseWhy is it so hard to leave the office for anything other than your kids’ baseball? 
  10. bathroom update
    U.S. Senate Adds More Stalls to Ladies’ RoomWhen the glass ceiling is actually a tile floor.
  11. quotables
    HSBC CEO: I Wasn’t a Very Good Role Model for Other WomenRegrets from inside the boys’ club. 
  12. year of the woman part ii
    Many Women at Sundance, Some Having SexLook what happens when you let women make movies.