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  1. gallery
    Life in Pictures: Gloria SteinemThe Ms. founder turns 85 today.
  2. from the archives
    How Do You Spell Ms.?An oral history of Ms. Magazine and the feminists who changed history.
  3. ‘tis the season
    We Threw a Fantasy Potluck With Oprah, Gloria Steinem, and North WestHere’s what happened at our (imaginary) dinner party.
  4. sexual harassment
    Meryl Streep Is Working on a Plan to Fix Sexism in HollywoodIt includes a list of “non-negotiable” demands from actresses.
  5. media
    Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem on Race, Harassment, and Harvey Weinstein“It feels like something has shifted.”
  6. hugh hefner
    Playboy Magazine’s Unlikely History of Abortion-Rights ActivismIn the decade before Roe v. Wade, Hugh Hefner covered abortion in almost every single issue of his magazine.
  7. self respect
    25 Famous Women on RegretsAnd moving on from them.
  8. party pics
    Gloria Steinem and Chrissy Teigen Partied This WeekPlus: Aubrey Plaza, Chloë Sevigny, Robert Pattinson.
  9. Gloria Steinem Says Trump Presidency Sparked More Activism Than Vietnam War“The only good news of Trump is that the galvanizing of activism is like nothing I have ever seen in my life.”
  10. cfd-haaaay!
    This Year, the CFDA Awards Turned Seriously PoliticalWith Gloria Steinem, Cecile Richards, and Janelle Monae winning honors.
  11. advice
    25 Famous Women on FearStories and advice from Shonda Rhimes, Stevie Nicks, Jenna Lyons, and more.
  12. Gloria Steinem, Janelle Monae, and Cecile Richards to Be Honored at CFDA AwardsDiane von Furstenberg spoke to the Cut about the thinking behind the decision.
  13. regrets
    Gloria Steinem Is Tired of Being Referred to As a Former Playboy Bunny“I probably shouldn’t have done that in my youth, even to write an exposé”
  14. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Don’t Try to Gossip About Emma Watson With Gloria SteinemSteinem is “not amused” by suggestions that Watson could become annoying.
  15. endorsements
    Gloria Steinem Throws Her Support Behind Keith Ellison for DNC ChairThe feminist activist said Ellison “can and will lead the Democratic Party to a principled and populist victory.”
  16. women’s march 2017
    Here’s What Gloria Steinem Wants You to Know About Donald Trump“We think he holds all the power … but that’s not true.”
  17. women’s march 2017
    6 Compelling Things Gloria Steinem Said at the Women’s March“We are united here for bodily integrity.”
  18. the gender pay gap
    Gloria Steinem Joins New York City’s Campaign for Gender Pay EquityThe feminist icon will become a surrogate for pay equity.
  19. women’s march 2017
    Planned Parenthood and Gloria Steinem Join Women’s March on WashingtonLess than a month to go before the march.
  20. Gloria Steinem on Whether It’s Possible to Feel Compassion for TrumpThe icon talks about the president-elect, bullying, and her forthcoming book.
  21. gallery
    Annie Leibovitz and Gloria Steinem Created This New All-Female Exhibit“Women: New Portraits” opens in New York this Friday.
  22. getting it
    25 Famous Women on PeriodsTina Fey, Whoopi Goldberg, Kate Winslet, and more women on the crimson wave.
  23. A Weekend With Gloria Steinem on the Campaign TrailWearing her fringe jacket through the Midwest, as one does.
  24. see this
    This Inspiring New Photo Exhibit Shows Powerful Women at Work“Women: New Portraits” by Annie Leibovitz showcases women like Shonda Rhimes, Elizabeth Warren, and Serena and Venus Williams.
  25. mansplaining
    6 Famous Women on How They Deal With MansplainersSamantha Bee’s advice: “I clamsplain right back.”
  26. love hurts
    30 Famous Women on HeartbreakCoping advice from Rihanna, Amy Poehler, Jennifer Aniston, and more.
  27. visual history
    A Look Back at Political-Convention Style Through the YearsWhether you’re on the winning or the losing side, you dress for success.
  28. Maybe Gloria Steinem and Vice Aren’t Such Unlikely PartnersThe legendary feminist speaks about her new Viceland show, Woman.
  29. love and war
    Gloria Steinem: Donald Trump Is a Barbie DollSure.
  30. truths
    Why Lena Dunham Would ‘Kill Herself’ If She Woke Up As a Man“I feel so passionately lucky to be doing the work of being female right now.”
  31. fun facts
    Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Icon? It’s Gloria SteinemJen thinks Gloria is “stunning.”
  32. the anti-choice fashion beat
    Lands’ End Shoppers: Pro–Ugly Totes, Anti–Gloria SteinemLands’ End apologizes for including Gloria Steinem in a catalogue after anti-choicers threw a fit.
  33. campaign 2016
    Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other Over Hillary ClintonThere’s a special place in hell for Bill Maher.
  34. generation gaps
    Gloria Steinem Says Young Women Are Into Bernie Because of BoysOh Gloria, No No No No No!
  35. words of wisdom
    Bridging the Gap Between Black and White FeminismGloria Steinem on the influence of seminal civil-rights activist Florynce “Flo” Kennedy.
  36. can u not
    Time Apologized to Gloria Steinem With Gucci Bag“I wrote the editor of Time and complained and he sent me a Gucci purse.”
  37. quotables
    Read Amy Schumer’s Funny, Empowering Speech on Women in Media“I wish this wasn’t so negative. I wish these magazines weren’t pitting women against each other.”
  38. Gloria Steinem: Hillary Will Have a Hard TimeBut she thinks it is possible Clinton will win.
  39. campaign 2016
    Clinton, Steinem, and ‘Running As a Woman’Will it work this time around?
  40. self portrait
    10 Honest Moments From This Fall’s Big MemoirsA preview.
  41. video
    Kate Spade Wins Gloria Steinem in Female-Icon Arms RaceJoan Didion was booked.
  42. twitter feminism
    Ariana Grande Rallied the Pop-Feminist Sisterhood“I am tired of living in a world where women are mostly referred to as a man’s past, present, or future PROPERTY/POSSESSION,” she tweeted.
  43. party pics
    Naomi Campbell and Gloria Steinem Partied TogetherPlus: Hillary Clinton, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and more highlights from the week’s best parties.
  44. membership perks
    Gloria Steinem Explains the Perks of Feminism for MenGender equality really does benefit us all.
  45. the greats
    25 Feminists With Really Great HairFrom Sappho to Yoko and so many more. 
  46. choices
    25 Famous Women on ChildlessnessGloria Steinem, Condoleezza Rice, Stevie Nicks, and more on the decision not to have kids.
  47. the dvf awards
    Gloria Steinem Received the DVF Lifetime Achievement Award“I don’t think I’ve sacrificed one fucking thing,” she said last night.
  48. gloria steinem
    Have a Glorious Birthday, Ms. SteinemA handful of New York highlights.
  49. quotables
    At 80, Gloria Steinem Is No Longer Sex-ObsessedIt’s kind of a relief, she says.
  50. feminist interviews
    So Jennifer Aniston Interviewed Gloria SteinemAniston takes this opportunity to say, Screw the “sad Jen” trope. 
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