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  1. niche drama
    Party City Learns the Hard Way Not to Offend Gluten-Free PeopleThe party chain apologized after its new ad called gluten-free people “gross.”
  2. Don’t Go Gluten-Free Unless You Have Celiac Disease, According to a StudyA new study cautions that going gluten-free is a bad idea.
  3. fine dining halls
    Kent State Opens the Country’s First Gluten-Free Dining HallSorry, “café.”
  4. More People Are Avoiding Gluten Despite Lack of Medical Need to Avoid GlutenFunny how that works.
  5. science
    Coming Soon, Maybe: Drugs to Treat Gluten SensitivityThis will do nothing to help those people on gluten-free diets just for the hell of it.
  6. nutrition
    What If Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Just About Gluten?Emerging research hints that the protein is just part of the problem.
  7. How the ‘Nocebo Effect’ Might Explain Gluten Sensitivity Researchers say believing a substance is physically harmful can make it so. 
  8. diet week
    12 Weird Old Tips for a Flat BellyThe Cut staff shares its secrets.
  9. fear of the unknown
    Want to Watch Gluten-Free People Define Gluten?You do.