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Go Hats!

  1. zomg hats
    The Best, Worst, and Nest-iest Hats from Pippa Middleton’s WeddingSo many hats, so many feelings.
  2. hats off
    NYFW Details Cam: Winter of the Floppy, Wide-Brim HatAnd two neon beanies. 
  3. go hats!
    The Best Hats From the ‘Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!’ PartyDaphne Guinness, Grace Jones, and Liberty Ross in their finest toppers.
  4. The 50 Most Remarkable Hats of All TimeFrom Jackie O.’s pillbox to Justin Bieber’s ski mask and beyond.
  5. heists
    There’s a Hat Burglar on the Loose in Milan!Missing: one stiletto hat, designed by Bill Cunningham.
  6. pregnant princesses!!
    Relax, Kate Middleton Is Still Acting Like RoyaltyAttending garden parties, wearing enormous hats.
  7. other fashion weeks
    Moscow Fashion Week Introduces Knitted MustachesAnd other delightful adornments for the head and face.
  8. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton’s Token Tube Photo Op Is CompleteThe Queen was there, too.
  9. cher-ing is caring
    Cher Is Obviously Paris’s Coolest ShowgoerThat HAT.
  10. go hats!
    The Best Way to Recycle Old Engagement RingsA ring hat.
  11. quotables
    Stephen Jones on Those Crazy Hats He Made for Marc Jacobs“Marc had this idea about the face being surrounded by volume.”
  12. go hats!
    Nude Pregnant Beauty Queen Models Hats at London Fashion Week [NSFW]Photo is NSFW, but the hat is lovely.
  13. detail cam
    Detail Cam: Fabulous Hats and Headpieces at Fashion WeekCloches, bowlers, turbans, and other wonderful headwear seen at the shows.
  14. go hats!
    Slideshow: Couture Milliner Heather Huey’s Growing Body of WorkHuey’s work has already been featured in ‘Interview’, ‘W’ magazine, and Italian ‘Vogue’.
  15. go hats!
    Video: See All the Fabulous Hats People Wore to the Opening of Stephen Jones’s New ExhibitOur details cam was there to document Michelle Harper, L’Wren Scott, Heather Huey, and Tavi Gevinson.
  16. go hats!
    Chanel Has Itself a New Hatmaker, Reportedly [Updated]Mazel to Gigi Burris.
  17. go hats!
    Philip Treacy Discusses Hiring Lady Gaga As His Intern“Who is going to take a pot shot at Lady Gaga?”
  18. go hats!
    Albertus Swanepoel Is Making Hats for TargetLeopard print and “fashionable trims” will be featured, apparently.
  19. go hats!
    Philip Treacy Thinks You Should Spend at Least As Much on a Hat As You Would on a Plumber “You’d pay 1,000 pounds a day for a plumber, wouldn’t you?”
  20. go hats!
    Look at Katharine Hamnett’s Fabulous Philip Treacy HatIt looks like a tepee, in the best possible way.
  21. go hats!
    Black Hats Traditionally Worn by Orthodox and Hasidic Jews Are Now Trendy, According to the TimesHipsters are wearing them with skinny jeans and sneakers!
  22. go hats!
    Bill Cunningham Used to Design ‘Exotic’ Hats That Even His Own Mother Wouldn’t Wear“I don’t think we sold many.”