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Golden Globe Awards

  1. This Year’s Golden Globes Were Elevated by Women (and Especially Oprah)Only Winfrey made everybody feel what the moment was about.
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    The Golden Globes Red-Carpet Coverage Changes, But Only a LittleThe preshows on E! and NBC were more serious than usual, and just as awkward as ever.
  3. ballgown time
    Video: Tina Fey ‘Proud’ to Be Worst Dressed at the Golden GlobesThe paparazzi were calling her Mary Poppins on the carpet.
  4. ballgown time
    Project Runway Alum Chris March Designed Meryl Streep’s Globe DressWhat do you think of the belt?
  5. ballgown time
    Are Top Designers Avoiding Award Shows? And Is That Why the Dresses Are Mostly Boring or Ugly?And how does Rachel Zoe fit into the picture?
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    See the Top Red-Carpet Looks From the Golden GlobesSee 75 red-carpet looks in the Golden Globe Red-Carpet Look Book.
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    Check Out Red-Carpet Madness Sunday Night on VultureBe sure to tune in Sunday night to see what everyone’s wearing!
  8. the ball
    André Leon Talley Is Trying to Dress Marisa Tomei for the Met GalaBut will she take his advice?
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    Red-carpet Looks from the Golden GlobesA megaslideshow featuring all the red-carpet looks from the Golden Globes.
  10. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Live-Blogging the Red Carpet at the Golden GlobesEveryone in Hollywood is out tonight, and our diligent correspondents are mercilessly judging how they clean up.
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    Watch the Golden Globes With the Fug Girls This SundayThey’re live-blogging the red carpet from 6 to 8 p.m.
  12. loose threads
    Galliano to Receive Legion of Honour; Jewelers Woo Actresses for Award SeasonAlso, China’s apparel market still looks promising, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s on a crazy new diet.