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Golden Globes 2016

  1. old men trying to understand gifs
    Leonardo DiCaprio Has No Idea Where GIFs Come From or How They Are Even Captured“It’s amazing what goes viral these days.”
  2. real talk
    Selena Gomez Frankly Just Went to the Golden Globes After-party for the Hot GuysWe feel that.
  3. golden globes 2016
    Taraji P. Henson, Unlike Cookie, Likes Her Fur FauxNow get off her damn train.
  4. Kate Winslet Scheduled a Post-Globes Massage Thinking she wouldn’t win, Kate Winslet scheduled a massage for directly after the Golden Globes. Guess she had to cancel that one.
  5. the pussy posse
    Pussy Posse Member Introduces The RevenantCongratulations to the Pussy Posse on its big night at the Golden Globes.
  6. Taraji P. Henson Waited 20 Years for Her Golden Globe, and Damn, It Paid OffThis is how you accept an award.
  7. Ricky Gervais Made Some Welcome Equal-Pay Jokes at the Golden GlobesRicky Gervais made equal-pay jokes in his opening monologue, and the world tuned in. 
  8. what the hell oscar isaac
    Oscar Isaac Rudely Kisses Woman at the Golden Globes, Overwhelms TwitterYour boyfriend kissed another woman at an awards show.
  9. The Rock and Jason Statham Are Globes TwinsiesBust a suit.
  10. bump watch
    Jennifer Lawrence Feels Up Katy Perry’s HairWhat a lucky lady. 
  11. superlatives
    The Best, Worst, and Cape-iest Looks of the Golden GlobesGwyneth’s influence still abides, apparently.
  12. itchy vagina
    Amy Schumer Said Her Vagina Itched on the Golden Globes Red CarpetAmy Schumer said “vagina.”
  13. The Transparent Cast Are Having a Great Time at the Golden GlobesAre you surprised?
  14. why channing tatum did you do this
    Channing Tatum, WHYYYYY With Your Golden Globes Hair?Channing Tatum, my man — you’ve got bad hair tonight.
  15. See All of the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2016 Golden GlobesLet the games begin!
  16. See the Smoky Eyes of Miss Golden GlobeMeet Corinne Foxx. 
  17. Broad City’s Globes Are Golden Enough Already, ThanksThe best way to handle disappointment.