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Golden Globes 2019

  1. investigations
    Is This a Bib? An Investigation.Timothée Chalamet insists it is, but we will be the judge of that.
  2. who is she?
    Fiji Water Girl Would Like to Host the OscarsKelleth Cuthbert talked to the Cut about the Fiji Water Girls’ group chat and the moment she realized she went viral.
  3. golden globes 2019
    Sandra Oh’s After-party Jumpsuit Was Her Best Look of the NightFormal, but not too formal.
  4. golden globes 2019
    The Golden Globes and the Creeping Pace of ChangeSo this is where we’re at, huh?
  5. golden globes 2019
    How Michelle Yeoh Looks So GoodA sheet mask a day and a lot of hydrating skin care.
  6. golden globes 2019
    Everyone Wants to Be One of Olivia Colman’s ‘Bitches’Colman thanked her “bitches” at the Golden Globes — and we set new goals.
  7. culture
    What Happens When You Try to Talk to Your Crush at the Golden GlobesAn awkward image etched into all our minds forever.
  8. my allergies
    Try Not to Cry at Glenn Close’s Golden Globes SpeechNo one in the room was able to keep their eyes dry.
  9. a star is born
    Lady Gaga’s Most Lady-Gaga Moments at the Golden GlobesShe brought the drama.
  10. golden globes 2019
    We Want Whatever Jeff Bridges Was Smoking at the Golden Globes“You’re all trim tabs! Tag, you’re it!”
  11. golden globes 2019
    Emma Stone’s Hair Smelled Like Candy at the Golden GlobesHow Emma Stone’s soft, wavy hair look came together.
  12. golden globes 2019
    Wow, People Are So Hot for Steve Carrell“steve carell you may choke me”
  13. golden globes 2019
    Wait What’s Really Going on With This Alison Brie and Chrissy Metz Drama?Chrissy Metz says she never called Alison Brie a b*tch.
  14. golden globes 2019
    The Least-Boring Beauty Looks From the Golden GlobesFun looks from the fun awards show.
  15. golden globes 2019
    Sandra Oh’s Parents Are The Biggest Stars at the Golden GlobesOh’s father gave her a standing ovation.
  16. who is she?
    Fiji Water Girl Told Us Why She’s in Every Photo on the Golden Globes Red CarpetWhen asked if she knew she was going viral for photos of her appearing alongside celebrities, Kelleth Cuthbert said, “It’s calculated.”
  17. golden globes 2019
    11 Best Dressed Celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards 2019From Lady Gaga to Lupita Nyong’o.
  18. golden globes 2019
    Emma Stone Yells ‘Sorry!’ for Aloha During Sandra Oh’s Speech at Golden GlobesShe apologized for her role as a woman of Asian heritage in the 2015 film Aloha.
  19. golden globes 2019
    8 Other Ways to Use Timothée Chalamet’s HarnessBecause a statement piece should be seen more than once.
  20. golden globes 2019
    I Want to Wear Lady Gaga’s Golden Globes Gown EverywhereAn impractical Valentino train for every situation.
  21. golden globes 2019
    The Celebrities Who Seem the Most Like They Have CBD Oil on Their FeetWho’s a little more comfortable at the Golden Globes?
  22. golden globes 2019
    This Is Exactly What You Should Wear to the Golden Globes If You Are a HarpistThe brilliant harpist wore a fabric approximation of herself to the Golden Globes.
  23. red carpet derby
    All The Best Looks From The Golden GlobesFrom Lady Gaga’s train to Tony Shalhoub’s beard.