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  1. sheroes
    A Squadron of Gorgeous Hogs Is Waging War on GolfWild javelinas in search of food are laying waste to Seven Canyons Golf Club.
  2. screen time
    Long May She GazeAh, to be pummeled by the stare of Las Vegas’s giant freaky eyeball.
  3. friendship
    Trump Attempts to Bond Over Shared InterestsHe’s really putting himself out there.
  4. true friends
    This Big Truck Is Trying to Block CNN From Filming Donald Trump GolfingNo wonder he likes trucks so much.
  5. golfitics
    Donald Trump Uses South Korea Speech to Promote His New Jersey Golf ClubHe talked about the Trump National Golf Club while addressing the South Korea Parliament.
  6. It Only Took 273 Years, But Women Can Finally Join the World’s Oldest Golf ClubBetter late than never?
  7. everyday sexism
    Women Banned Members of a Mens-Only Golf Club From Sitting on This BenchGiving men a taste of their own medicine.
  8. Golf Partially Responsible for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s CareerThe first interesting story about golf ever.
  9. unicorns
    Check Out This Golfer’s My Little Pony HairWell done, Michelle Wie.
  10. look of the day
    Justin Bieber Enjoyed a Casual Golf OutingA chance to wear a polo and show off his practice swing.
  11. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Adam Scott’s Got a Brand-New JacketIt will pair well with his argyle prints and popped collars.
  12. fore-ward!
    Former Secretary of State Invited to Wear the Green Jacket of PatriarchyShe accepts!