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    Meditation Advice for the Anxious and DistractedA guide for varying levels of commitment.
  2. good/better/best
    A Guide to Meeting People Without Dating AppsHow to put yourself in real-life situations that lead to new relationships or friendships.
  3. good/better/best
    Teach Yourself to Have a Better Sense of DirectionAdvice for anyone who’s always getting lost.
  4. good/better/best
    How to Be Excellent (or at Least Pretty Good) at Canceling PlansMaster the art of the last-minute bail without making your friends hate you.
  5. good/better/best
    How to Brag Without Annoying All Your FriendsA guide to being excellent (or at least pretty good) at non-terrible online self-promotion.
  6. good/better/best
    Being an Excellent Listener Is All About EmpathyAdvice for varying levels of commitment.