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  1. productivity
    A Productivity Expert Wants You to Do NothingSweet, sweet nothing.
  2. tao of tavi
    How to Get Through a Breakup, According to TaviIt involves a self-help wall and cultural references from before you were born.
  3. quotables
    Anna Wintour Thought the Tonys Red Carpet Was a ‘Disaster’“How many mermaid fishtail strapless sequin [gowns] can we see?”
  4. good advice
    Sarah Silverman Tells You How to Be a Grown-UpAdvice. 
  5. i’ll take it
    Miley Cyrus Just Gave Justin Bieber the Best AdviceWhy didn’t anyone bother to ask her before?
  6. good advice
    Courtney Love Endorses Restraint and PragmatismIn matters of romance.
  7. fashion psa
    Vivienne Westwood: Stop Buying So MuchA fashion PSA.
  8. memorials
    ‘Cut Off His Hominy Grits’: Vintage Advice From Dear AbbyThe late Abigail Van Buren in her own words.
  9. good advice
    Here’s an Easy Way for Designer Boutiques to Crack Down on ShopliftingYou’re welcome, high-end fashion stores.