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  1. good ideas
    The Best Hair Tie for the ApocalypseFrom the Balenciaga runway, but you probably already have your own.
  2. good ideas
    Why Not Communicate With Your Friends Solely Through Celebrities?Cameo is a service for hiring celebrities to tell your friends things like “happy birthday.” But what if you used it to tell them “I’m running late”?
  3. strong dumb take
    Shut Down the Internet for the Rest of the YearA modest proposal.
  4. animals
    Free the Big CowFree Knickers!
  5. good ideas
    Scientists Discover Female Termite Colony that ‘Discarded’ All MalesMales have been ‘discarded’ from a society in which they formerly played an active role — interesting.
  6. good ideas
    Now Is the Time to Abandon Your Life & Move to This Greek Island With 55 CatsDo it.
  7. good ideas
    There Should Be No Internet for One Weekend Per MonthA good idea.
  8. good ideas
    Here’s How Los Angeles Is Helping Its Subway Riders Report Sexual HarassmentIt’s the first city in the world to do so.
  9. good ideas
    This Genius Campaign Is Giving Menstrual Cups to Girls in South AfricaMore of this.
  10. a good idea
    Get Ready for a Movie Version of Wedding Website the Knot20th Century Fox has optioned the wedding-planning site.
  11. good ideas
    Please, Someone, Invest in the Cuddle MattressSave us from the lover’s dead arm.
  12. good ideas
    Swiss ‘Sex Boxes’ Sound LovelyTeakwood and string lights in a secluded corner of Zurich.
  13. hurricane sandy
    Power Outage a Good Excuse to Hit the GymExercise optional.
  14. good ideas
    The Cut Found Your Next Halloween CostumeTopical and sexy. 
  15. the ball
    ALERT: Offensive Zebra Carpet Spotted at Met GalaThe setup is under way and it’s not all pretty.