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  1. goodbyes
    RIP, Stripper WebFor 20 years, the forum was a haven for new dancers seeking community.
  2. goodbyes
    I Can’t Stop Looking at These Photos of Donald Trump Bidding Hope Hicks FarewellArea woman says good-bye to her boss.
  3. goodbyes
    Hipster Barbie Also Decided to Quit Social MediaAnd revealed her identity.
  4. buh-bye
    This Will Be the Last Fashion Week at Lincoln CenterThe new location is still TBA.
  5. goodbyes
    This Is the End of ‘It’s Complicated.’ We Can Still Be Friends, Right? It’s not you, we promise.
  6. arrivederci to all that
    Arrivederci, New York! And So Ends Italy in 30 DaysThis is the final post of Italy in 30 Days.
  7. goodbyes
    Paris Is Losing Its Greatest Ready-to-Wear Showman A look back at Jean Paul Gaultier’s greatest runway moments. 
  8. goodbyes
    12 Lessons I Learned at the CutCharlotte Cowles bids farewell.
  9. shmashmortion
    So Much for That Wildly Successful ‘Webcam Abortion’ ProgramIt’s over now.