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Google Glass

  1. A Brief History of Wearable TechFrom the first headsets to the debut of Google glass.
  2. Sorry, Aspiring Glassholes: Google Is Scrapping Google GlassAt least in its present form.
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    Your Google Glasses Might Make You Hallucinate a LittleIt seems to induce a version of “the Tetris Effect,” at least in one case-study subject.
  4. we will all be robots
    Here’s the First-Ever Google Glass Hair TutorialIn the future, we’ll all be robots with great side ponies.
  5. we will all be robots
    Nobody Wants to Wear Wearable Tech Just YetThey keep tryin’, but nobody is interested in buyin’.
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    Can DVF and Net-a-Porter Make Google Glass Fashionable?They have their work cut out for them.
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    Google Hires Fashion Exec to Lead Glass TeamStop trying to make Google Glass happen.
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    Glassholes Will Soon Be Wearing WayfarersGoogle is partnering with Luxottica. 
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    Will New Frames Make Google Glass Less Ugly?And will people wear them?
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    ‘Sex With Glass’ Makes Me Want to Go to the Gym“Okay, glass, pull out.”
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    Never Accidentally Flirt With a Loser AgainWith NameTag, an app being tested for Google Glass.
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    Is Wearable Technology Actually Fashionable?We consulted Joe Zee, Anna Wintour, and other stylish folks to find out.
  13. Can You Wear Google Glass in a Public Restroom? A Cut ChatBathroom etiquette of the future: a debate.
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    Guys Venture Out in Google Glasses, Still Get Girls“Apparently the cyborg spectacles are not a chick repellant (yet).”