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Google Glasses

  1. google ass
    Guys Venture Out in Google Glasses, Still Get Girls“Apparently the cyborg spectacles are not a chick repellant (yet).”
  2. collaboration station
    Here’s the Video Diane Von Furstenberg Made With Her Google GlassesOkay, okay, it’s actually pretty cool.
  3. five things
    Five Things We Liked on SundayLooks from Victoria Beckham, Derek Lam, and Thakoon. And Google glasses, of course!
  4. show and tell
    Google Glasses Make Their Questionable Debut at Diane Von FurstenbergBasically, they’re iPhones you can wear on your face.
  5. more than just glasses
    New Google Glasses Will Almost Certainly Not Be CuteThink Dog the Bounty Hunter.