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  1. year in review
    E-Girl, Soft Girl, VSCO Girl: How TikTok Trends Defined 2019The most-Googled “outfit ideas” were popularized by the app.
  2. power
    Yet Another Woman Says She Was Mistreated at GoogleA Google employee has published a searing account of being discriminated against during her pregnancy.
  3. google walkout
    The Women Behind the Google Walkout Say They’re Facing RetaliationMeredith Whittaker and Claire Stapleton outlined their allegations in a letter sent to other Google employees.
  4. the cut opinion pages
    The Email ‘Attach’ and ‘Link’ Buttons Should Be Easier to Tell ApartA plea for the digital age.
  5. trends
    You’ll Never Guess Which Fashion Trend Was Most-Searched This YearAccording to Google.
  6. google walkout
    Google Walkout Organizers Aren’t Satisfied With the Company’s Response“We demand a truly equitable culture.”
  7. collective action
    The Most Powerful Photos of the Google Walkout Over Sexual MisconductThousands of employees throughout the world are standing in solidarity.
  8. protests
    We’re the Organizers of the Google Walkout. Here Are Our DemandsOur company has a history of harassment, discrimination, and protecting abusers. We’ve had enough.
  9. metoo
    Google Paying Off a Sexual Assaulter Isn’t Surprising, That’s How Things WorkGoogle has paid Andy Rubin nearly $90 million dollars since he resigned in 2014 after he coerced a female coworker into performing oral sex.
  10. sexual harassment
    Former Google Employee Says Male Co-workers Spiked Her Drinks, Slapped HerIn a new lawsuit, engineer Loretta Lee details the company’s disturbing “bro culture.”
  11. work
    Facebook and Google Employees Can Ask Each Other Out Once, But Only OnceAnd “I’m busy,” counts as a no.
  12. silicon valley or ‘silicon valley?’
    ‘Diversity Memo’ Dude Sues Google for Discriminating Against White MenJames Damore alleges Google is singling out and terminating conservative Caucasian men.
  13. the gender pay gap
    Woman Claims Google Paid Less-Qualified Male Colleague More for Same WorkPreschool teacher Heidi Lamar has joined a class-action suit against Google.
  14. shmoney gang
    Cardi B’s Favorite Fashion Brand Was Googled More Than Chanel in 2017Another win for the shmoney gang.
  15. working together
    The Unexpected Power of Google-Doc ActivismThe perfect tool for not-quite-public, not-quite-private collaboration.
  16. 3 Women Are Suing Google for Alleged Sex DiscriminationIn a class-action suit, three plaintiffs accuse the tech giant of sex discrimination against its female employees.
  17. first person
    What I Got Wrong About MisogynyFive years ago, I started writing about feminism for the Cut. I didn’t get how bad things were.
  18. discrimination
    Former Female Google Employees Come Forward About Discrimination“When you speak up, you’re going to be negatively impacted,” one woman said.
  19. women in tech
    Guy Who Wrote Sexist Google Memo Says It Made Women Feel ‘Empowered’“There were many women who were empowered and that agree with me,” he said.
  20. everyday sexism
    White Tech Dude Finally Gets a Platform to Share His Ideas About WomenJames Damore, author of the infamous Google memo, wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal.
  21. silicon valley
    Alt-Right Protesters Are Planning a ‘March on Google’Organizer called James Damore’s dismissal a “flashpoint.”
  22. silicon valley
    Google Could Face Another Gender Discrimination LawsuitDozens of current and former employees are looking at suing the company for sexism and pay disparities against women.
  23. women in tech
    Anita Hill Wants Women in Tech to Sue Their Employers for Sex Discrimination“We can’t afford to wait for the tech industry to police itself.”
  24. office hours
    What to Do When Your Colleague Believes Discrimination at Work Doesn’t ExistExperts weigh in on what to do when the facts aren’t enough.
  25. Google Engineer Tries to Justify the Pay Gap in Leaked ‘Anti-Diversity’ MemoIt is titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”
  26. this day in history
    One of America’s First Civil-Rights Protests Took Place in NYC 100 Years AgoOrganized by the NAACP, the Silent Parade was a protest against the lynching of black people at the turn of the century.
  27. Judge Rules Google Must Turn Over Salary Info in Gender-Pay-Gap InvestigationIn April, the Department of Labor accused Google of “extreme” gender pay discrimination.
  28. ayo technology
    Google Is Trying to Make Fashion More AccessibleWith the help of virtual reality.
  29. Google’s Employee-Run Email List Helps Workers Submit Harassment ComplaintsNearly 20 percent of Google workers get the newsletter.
  30. the gender pay gap
    Department of Labor Accuses Google of ‘Extreme’ Gender Pay GapSo much for “Don’t be evil.”
  31. skincare
    The Biggest Skin-Care Trends, According to GoogleA new report points to an obsession with sheet masks.
  32. social psychology
    3 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Google’s Diversity TravailsAs a new article shows, Google hasn’t made much progress on the diversity front. Other companies can learn from the search giant’s errors.
  33. wishful thinking
    Two of the Most-Googled Diets in 2016 Are Just Delicious Foods10 out of 10, would try.
  34. gallery
    Miley Cyrus Collaborated With This New Google Phone ArtistJen Stark designed her trippy VMAs entrance.
  35. perfect 10
    Google and the Dark Side of Searching for PerfectionIt’s an endless feedback loop of insecurities.
  36. fashion week
    Kate Lanphear Tapped to Lead Google’s Fashion Week Search ProjectThe former Maxim editor in chief will help Google curate its Fashion Week search project.
  37. time for sex
    Without Further Ado, Here Are Russell Wilson’s Wedding VowsOr at least, how we imagine them.
  38. 2016’s most fabulous couple
    Silicon Valley CEO Debuts Her Trophy BoyfriendThe year’s most fabulous couple steps out for the first time.
  39. Google Wants to Help You Actually Do the Things You Intend to DoA new feature for the calendar app borrows from the work of behavioral scientist Dan Ariely.
  40. Here’s a Dismal Reflection on What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Silicon ValleyIt’s not great!
  41. fashion and tech
    Teen Girl Coders Helped Design a Zac Posen DressAnd it was cute enough for the runway.
  42. annals of wearable tech
    Google and Levi’s Will Make Super-Smart JeansAre they the new smartwatches?
  43. trending now
    Google Says Jogger Pants Are In for Spring“Normcore? So last year. String bikinis? Most definitely over.”
  44. A Brief History of Wearable TechFrom the first headsets to the debut of Google glass.
  45. who runs the world?
    This Is the First Female Face Google Finds When You Search ‘CEO’ She leans in on plastic elbows.
  46. Sorry, Aspiring Glassholes: Google Is Scrapping Google GlassAt least in its present form.
  47. the things we googled
    Why Don’t You Guys Know How to Wear Scarves?The most-Googled fashion questions of 2014 are … foolish. 
  48. year in review
    Fashion in 2014, From the Sublime to the RidiculousNormcore, Pharrell’s hat, and one particularly oily butt.
  49. how we google now
    The Rich Even Google DifferentlyIt’s all foam rollers and jogging strollers with them.
  50. adventures in dating
    The New Abstinence: Not Googling Your DateMeet the singles saving Facebook-stalking for marriage. Or the third date, at least.
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