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  1. girl power
    Can Google Convince Girls to Code?They’ve got Mindy Kaling on their team.
  2. power plays
    Google and Condé Nast Are Planning Something MysteriousPartnering with a French ad agency.
  3. okay glass
    Can DVF and Net-a-Porter Make Google Glass Fashionable?They have their work cut out for them.
  4. glassholes
    Google Hires Fashion Exec to Lead Glass TeamStop trying to make Google Glass happen.
  5. google glass glasses
    Glassholes Will Soon Be Wearing WayfarersGoogle is partnering with Luxottica. 
  6. history
    Today’s Google Doodle Is Dorothy Irene HeightThe search engine responds to criticism that their Doodles are sexist.
  7. open questions
    Hey, Google, Is My Daughter Chubs?Inquiring parents want to know. 
  8. googling yourself
    34 Celebrities Who Warned Sandra Bullock Not to Google HerselfIt’s just Bullock, bringing up the caboose.
  9. search terms
    Kim Kardashian Had 2013’s Most Googled PregnancyAnd Miley had the most Googled breakup.
  10. high tech high fashion
    Surveillance-Proof Fashion Now Worth ConsideringStealth Wear takes its cues from London club gear.
  11. Can You Wear Google Glass in a Public Restroom? A Cut ChatBathroom etiquette of the future: a debate.
  12. google ass
    Guys Venture Out in Google Glasses, Still Get Girls“Apparently the cyborg spectacles are not a chick repellant (yet).”
  13. the future
    Big Brother Knows You’re Googling ‘Michael Kors Handbags’Binging, too.
  14. love and war
    Can Marissa Mayer Really Have It All?On the Yahoo CEO, brand-new mother, fashion hound — and altogether contradictory icon of modern womanhood.
  15. five things
    Five Things We Liked on SundayLooks from Victoria Beckham, Derek Lam, and Thakoon. And Google glasses, of course!
  16. show and tell
    Google Glasses Make Their Questionable Debut at Diane Von FurstenbergBasically, they’re iPhones you can wear on your face.
  17. friends in high places
    Diane Von Furstenberg Reportedly Partners With Crocs-Wearing Google ExecHe and his wife were at the designer’s office today.
  18. ask google
    Is It Okay to Hate Foodies? Ask GoogleAnd what are the rules for oral sex reciprocity?
  19. search this
    InStyle Magazine Is Now Selling Clothes OnlineShould other magazines try this?
  20. search this
    If You’re Dying to Buy Things the Olsens and Carey Mulligan Would Buy, Google’s Boutiques.com Is for YouIf you want to look like Ryan Reynolds, though, you’re *&#$ out of luck.
  21. search this
    Google’s New Fashion Site Apparently Consists of Boutiques Made by Celebrities Like Sarah Jessica ParkerNormal people can get in on the fun, too, with boutiques of their own.
  22. loose threads
    Lauren Santo Domingo Raising Money for Online Trunk-Show Venture; Bloomingdale’s to Open OutletAlso, LBD is in the dictionary now.
  23. kids these days
    Tavi’s Blog Restored After Terms-of-Service ViolationShe posted a naked photograph that Google had to review.
  24. loose threads
    Donna Karan Thinks the Fashion Industry Is Killing Itself; Designer Google-Inspired Clothes Now on SaleAlso, the daughter of a ‘Teen Vogue’ editor stars in the Olsenboye commercial.
  25. epic battles
    Louis Vuitton Takes Google to CourtThey don’t like how when you Google ‘Louis Vuitton’ counterfeit Vuitton bags come up.
  26. cult of personality
    Marc Ecko at iGoogle: Internet Apps Are the American Dream!At the panel and launch party for iGoogle’s new designer-created theme pages, the artistes came out to talk geek-chic.
  27. loose threads
    Kate Moss Sets Wedding Date; Nina Garcia’s New GigKate Moss might marry Jamie Hince in September, Nina Garcia is judging a contest to design a birth control pill case, and Google collaborates with designers you care about.