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  1. 2024 election
    Nikki Haley Is Running for PresidentShe’s the first politician to challenge Trump in the 2024 GOP race.
  2. sounds good!
    Madison Cawthorn Has Left the BuildingThe scandal-plagued congressman appears to have vacated his offices well before the end of his term.
  3. abortion
    Another GOP Candidate Fails to Understand Rape, Possibly Also SexYesli Vega claimed that rape rarely results in pregnancy because “it’s not something that’s happening organically.”
  4. sports!
    Lawmaker Apologizes for Failed Pantsing AttemptRepresentative Jeremy Faison is sorry he “lost his junk” on the ref at a high-school basketball game.
  5. home decor
    Every Room in This Man’s House Is Worse Than the NextImagine if Drake was a GOP pollster.
  6. politics
    GOP Senators Are Acting Like a Bunch of BabiesA private luncheon for Republican lawmakers recently devolved into a squabble over who to blame for the government shutdown.
  7. power
    Lucky GOP Senators Have ‘Hot Beef Sundaes’ for LunchOh.
  8. politics
    GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Bill Defunds Planned Parenthood by Limiting MedicaidThe bill also limits coverage for abortions in the private insurance market.
  9. Pro-Planned Parenthood Rallies Are Happening All Across America This WeekendNearly 100 events are planned for President’s Day weekend.
  10. reproductive rights
    Planned Parenthood Supporters to Deliver 80,000 Petitions to Paul Ryan TodayTo let him know that they stand with Planned Parenthood.
  11. politics
    Republicans Are Already Planning to Defund Planned ParenthoodAccording to “GOP sources on and off the Hill,” it’s only a matter of time.
  12. everyday sexism
    Republican Women Are Fed Up With the GOP’s Blatant SexismThey’re tired of standing behind a party that won’t disavow Donald Trump.
  13. oh republicans!
    Republicans Call Porn a ‘Public Health Crisis’ That’s ‘Destroying Lives’As part of the party’s official platform.
  14. from the mouths of men
    Wallets Full of WomenLet’s analyze what the GOP candidates said when asked, “Which woman would you put on the $10 bill?”
  15. important political news
    The Winner of the GOP Debate Was the Hot Guy Sitting Behind the ModeratorSorry, Trump.
  16. misogyny
    Donald Trump Still So Obsessed With Megyn Kelly [Updated]He just can’t stop with the “bimbo” tweets.
  17. abortion
    The GOP War on Planned Parenthood Will Not EndReactionary attacks just keep coming.
  18. Huckabee A-OK With Raped Child Giving BirthHe doesn’t want to “compound a tragedy” by allowing access to abortion care.
  19. Bernie Sanders on GOP Debate: What About Women?And he doesn’t mean “fat pigs.”
  20. shmashmortion
    The GOP’s New 3-Pronged Approach to Abortion SensitivityWill it make women hate them less? 
  21. women 101
    John Boehner Teaching GOP How to Talk to ChicksYou gotta be sensitive, man. 
  22. the cooch
    Ken Cuccinelli’s Oral-Sex Ban No Longer FunnyJoke’s over, Sherri Shepherd. 
  23. recruitment
    GOP Asks Women to Relinquish Household and Run for CongressDoesn’t its labor and family planning stances make it way easy?
  24. shmashmortion
    National Republicans Stay Clear of Texas Abortion DebateDon’t want to Akin it. 
  25. shmashmortion
    Young Republicans to Make Abortion FunnyWhat could possibly go wrong?
  26. shmashmortion
    You’ll Never Guess What This Freshman Republican Blamed on Roe v. WadeRhymes with grool grootings.
  27. what war on women?
    House GOP Courts Women on Mommy BlogsWomen can have it all, except overtime wages.
  28. communication
    House GOP Learns How to Talk to Women and Minorities Today“Don’t say rape.”
  29. deadlines
    Back to Square One on Violence Against Women ActHouse Republicans let the decades-old bill that funds support for domestic abuse victims expire. 
  30. politics
    All Boehner’s House Committee Chairs Are DudesSo much for the “year of the woman.”
  31. shmashmortion
    Confusing Time for Pro-Choice Female RepublicanMaine senator Susan Collins is “bewildered” by her party’s abortion stance.
  32. video
    Stephen Colbert Gives GOP Female Anatomy LessonHe uses a device called the Vagina iTouch to find the “Filipino tubes.”
  33. gop
    The GOP Lost the Women’s Vote a Long Time AgoThe economy isn’t the only thing liberals can blame on Reagan.
  34. shmashmortion
    GOP Dusts Off the Old Abortion PlankHow abortion became part of the GOP platform.
  35. politics
    I Love You, Todd Akin. You Make Me Want to Put on a Balaclava and Riot.What it takes to make an American woman pull a Pussy Riot.
  36. election 2012
    GOP’s Ryan Gosling Is Mitt Romney’s Running MatePaul Ryan is a pro-life sex symbol. (Is that an oxymoron?)