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Gossip Girl Reboot

  1. xoxo
    Georgina Sparks Is Up to Her Old TricksThe O.G. queen of Gossip Girl is back in the trailer for the reboot’s second season.
  2. are u coming?
    Cigs Inside With Sebastián Faena and Gray Sorrenti (and Evan Mock)“We call ourselves the perfects.”
  3. xoxo
    New York’s Most Terrifying Rich Kids Are BackAnd from the looks of the new Gossip Girl trailer, they’re hotter than ever.
  4. xoxo
    Okay, Is Gossip Girl Obsessed With Us?If not, then why is there a whole New York Magazine subplot in the latest episode, hmm?
  5. lil spooky boy
    Give Me a Milo Sparks Spinoff, Cowards I need more of Gossip Girl’s resident spooky child.
  6. xoxo
    Imagine Being This Hot in High SchoolGossip Girl is back and surprise! Everyone’s gorgeous.
  7. xoxo
    8 Moments I Hope They Reference in the Gossip Girl RebootPlease, let me relive Hilary Duff singing Lady Gaga.
  8. xoxo
    Let the Rich Teens Be TerribleDo we really need to watch the Gossip Girl cast wrestle with their privilege?
  9. spooky!
    Why Is the New Gossip Girl Trailer Kinda Creepy?HBO Max just dropped a new teaser for the upcoming reboot.