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    Blake Lively Likes to Wear Lace Bodysuits Under Crop TopsBut then again, who doesn’t?
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    Enjoy Blair Waldorf’s School Uniforms While They LastShe’s about to go to college at NYU, where she’ll be free from school uniforms at last.
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    Taylor Momsen Tries to Dress Like Edie SedgwickWhat does she know about Edie? She was born yesterday.
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    Taylor Momsen’s Angsty ‘Crash’ Fashion SpreadShe wraps herself in chains and chews on straws. Need we say more?
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    Taylor Momsen’s Shocking Style Evolution: From Girlie Tween to Goth Glamour GirlThe 15-year-old ‘Gossip Girl’ actress has worn two startlingly Joan Jett–inspired looks in two weeks!