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  1. what
    How Would You Even Begin to Explain This Space Force Tweet?The newest branch of the military shared a truly perplexing post this week.
  2. government?
    Who Is Black Rod, the Lady Who Controls Parliament With Her Stick?Who is this stern woman who can make Ministers of Parliament get out of their seats?
  3. The Absurd Marijuana-Research Monopoly Is Finally EndingHooray, capitalism!
  4. sexual assault
    Law Gives Sexual-Assault Survivors Basic RightsThe law will also focus on clearing up the U.S.’s rape-kit backlog.
  5. in formation
    The First Caucus for Black Women and Girls Is HereLaunched in response to appeals from Sandra Bland’s sister.
  6. video
    Samantha Bee Wants to Know Why Officials Keep Kondo-ing Untested Rape Kits“Texas, you’re not auditioning for Hoarders: Rape Kit Edition.”