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  1. power
    Why AOC Is Speaking Publicly About Her Rape“The most powerful and persuasive things a person can say on any given issue is sharing their personal experience and personal story.”
  2. an investigation
    How Soft Are the Hands of GQ Editors, Really?An investigation into their manhood, and the state of masculinity in general.
  3. hot shot
    Kate Middleton’s Brother Walked the Red Carpet With His Very Cute DogKate Middleton’s brother walked the red carpet with his sweet dog, Ella.
  4. other magazines
    Everyone’s Freaking Out Over This Extremely Hot British GQ CoverNaomi Campbell and Skepta strip down for the April issue.
  5. magazine shakeups
    GQ’s Creative Director Is Stepping DownJim Moore is leaving the magazine after almost 40 years.
  6. brangelina divorce
    Brad Pitt Speaks Out for the First Time About Divorce and Drinking Too MuchOh, and his newfound appreciation for R&B.
  7. quotables
    Raf Simons Not Inspired by Virgil Abloh’s Designs, Thinks He’s a ‘Sweet Guy’The fashion version of “I don’t know her.”
  8. magazine covers
    This Season’s Hottest Cover Trend: Men Wearing Women As BackpacksTime to ditch your Fjallravens.
  9. the men
    GQ Wonders If Men Look Ridiculous NowMakes you think.
  10. Amber Rose Is Ready to Motivate YouListen up, team.
  11. weddings!
    Men Are Proudly Owning Their ‘Groomzilla’ LabelThey’re here — get used to it.
  12. she’s a monica
    Taylor Swift Unwinds With Friends — the ShowHer true squad is Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey.
  13. quotables
    Amy Schumer and Hillary Clinton Bonded Over Dumb MenThis should be their campaign platform.
  14. completely necessary defenses
    John Mayer Defends His Layering FixationThe man simply cannot get his hands on enough Tibetan robes, okay?
  15. just kendall
    Highlights From GQ’s Kendall Jenner ProfileWhat do we learn about “Keezus”?
  16. what would kim gordon do
    Kim Gordon Wants to Be Like Joan Didion, TooKim Gordon is us.
  17. bitch face
    Kit Harington Suffers From Bitchy Resting FaceWhat’s wrong, Kit?
  18. rare and special things
    GQ Tries to Demystify Tilda Swinton for the Average ManAn impossible feat.
  19. quotables
    Adam Driver Wears a Questionable Vest on GQHe’s on the September cover.
  20. kanye quotables
    Kanye Gets Very Emotional About LayeringThe power of a great wrap.
  21. counter-argument
    Adam Levine Not a Douchebag, Thinks Adam LevineA defense, by Adam Levine.
  22. quotables
    Ryan McGinley Doesn’t Think New York Is Boring NowBut he thinks you are boring for saying so.
  23. man manes
    Kit Harington Seems Kind of Bitter About HairThe Game of Thrones star is contractually hairy.
  24. elevator reporting
    The Writer Behind @CondeElevator Reveals Herself“My heli to East Hampton’s leaving in 10!”
  25. male gaze
    Male Gaze: The Face of a ‘Man Who Cares’Call him Nord, James Nord.
  26. fashion collaborations
    The Woman Designing for the (GQ) BoysThe lone lady named one of GQ’s “Best New Menswear Designers in America 2013” on creating “California cool.”
  27. love triangles
    Drake on Rihanna and Chris: ‘It Could End Really Badly’“I don’t want my name to be synonymous with that guy’s name.”
  28. lad mags
    Elisabeth Moss Only Wears Office-Themed LingeriePeggy Olson office cardigan at all times.
  29. confessions of a shopaholic
    Buzz Bissinger Reportedly in Rehab for Gucci AddictionAfter professing his shopaholism in GQ.
  30. lad mags vs. lady mags
    GQ’s Tips for Interior Design: Add a Naked LadyImprisoned for all eternity, like the woman in the moon.
  31. cover stories
    GQ Put Beyoncé in a Belly ChainWe’re not mad about it.
  32. tastemakers
    Glenn O’Brien on Brad Pitt and Women’s FashionThe longtime GQ style columnist calls for the return of brooches.
  33. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton Cleavage-Free on British Vogue Cover“She’s hardly a heffalump,” says editor Alexandra Shulman.
  34. boobs or lose
    GQ Let Rihanna Keep Her NippleDefying celebrity photo shoot norms. 
  35. anthropology
    Debunking the Nice-Nerd MythGuys who were nerds in high school are not nicer, says GQ, especially now that they’ve inherited the earth. 
  36. pussy riot
    Pussy Riot Gives Us Permission to Find Them HotIt serves a “subversive function.”
  37. loose threads
    Nearly 80 Percent of New York Models Were WhitePlus, the Daily interviewed a cigarette.
  38. awards
    British GQ Crowns Lana Del Rey ‘Woman of the Year’Not included with the award: an actual crown.
  39. da club
    Are You an ‘Elite Girl’ or Are You ‘Filler’?  “We don’t care, just bring us some sluts!” say Marquee Las Vegas clubgoers.
  40. things are looking not quite so upton
    Terry Richardson’s New Kate Upton Video BannedThis is getting absurd.
  41. things are looking upton
    Terry Richardson Made Another Kate Upton VideoNipples.
  42. things are looking upton
    You’ll Never Believe What Kate Upton Is Wearing on Her GQ CoverHow unpredictable!
  43. dapper men
    GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers to Collaborate With the GapThe six designers get the chance to produce a limited-edition collection.
  44. loose threads
    DVF Coke Bottles; GQ Closet So Fresh & So CleanPlus, Alexander Wang’s Asian expansion, Daphne’s new windows, and more fashion news.
  45. loose threads
    Anna Dello Russo’s Wikipedia Page Was Hacked; Male Models Got in a Fist Fight Mid-CatwalkAlso, Jared Leto is semi-shirtless in British ‘Vogue’, and James Franco’s nude bottom is in the new issue of ‘Flaunt’.
  46. loose threads
    Derek Lam Just Won a Bunch of Money; Lindsey Wixson Covers Purple FashionAlso, ‘GQ’ hired Justin Doss as their new fashion editor.
  47. loose threads
    Gisele Covers i-D; Victoria Beckham Holds Meetings in Her BathrobeAlso, the senior fashion editor at ‘GQ’ is leaving.
  48. loose threads
    Brian Atwood Is Engaged; Naomi Campbell May or May Not Be EngagedAlso, Lindsey Wixson shoves an ice cream cone into her eye on the latest ‘i-D’, and more scintillating headlines in today’s Loose Threads.
  49. loose threads
    Heidi Klum Is Topless on GQ Russia; Vogue’s Newsstand Sales Are Outgrowing All Other Fashion TitlesAlso, newsstand sales for ‘Marie Claire’ and ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ are down considerably.
  50. prizes
    Alexander Wang’s GQ Prize Includes a Dockers CollaborationWhich is a prize for Dockers in itself.
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