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  1. woah
    The Petty Writing Mistake That Drives Me NutsFor no good reason, and I know I’m wrong to care, but I do, and so I looked for company.
  2. science of us
    The Unexpectedly Existential Roots of Adjective OrderWhy it’s a “huge fuzzy blanket” and not a “fuzzy huge blanket.”
  3. The Race to Study a Dying Sign Language Before It DisappearsIt’s making linguists rethink what they believe about how humans learned to speak.
  4. Linguistics Explains Why Ending a Text With a Period Is So AwfulIt’s all about context.
  5. Birds Can Be Grammar Nerds, TooHumans aren’t the only species that use this particular linguistic rule.
  6. corrections
    Remember, Taylor Swift Never Had to Take the SATsA grammar problem with misquoted lyrics. 
  7. It’s Too Late. Exclamation Marks Are Unstoppable NowWhat was once reserved for joy or excitement is now simply polite.