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Grammys 2022

  1. grammys 2022
    Bare Male Chests Swept the GrammysMany men generously showed us their breasts, and for this we are grateful.
  2. grammys 2022
    Oops, Olivia Rodrigo Broke a GrammyBrutal.
  3. grammys 2022
    Grammy for Best Reggae Album Goes to a Bunch of White GuysMany are wondering: What is SOJA, and why did it beat out five Jamaican nominees?
  4. grammys 2022
    The Best, Boldest Beauty Looks at the 2022 Grammy AwardsLots of spiky hair.
  5. grammys 2022
    What, Exactly, Was Justin Bieber Singing About?The Grammys bleeped out half his performance.
  6. grammys 2022
    Congrats to Doja Cat for Peeing Very FastAlso for the Grammy she just won with SZA.
  7. virgil abloh
    What Is a ‘Hip-Hop Fashion Designer"?Virgil Abloh fans are not happy with the Grammys.
  8. celebrity
    Cardi B Just Deleted Her Twitter AgainShe appears to have deactivated her account after fans harassed her for not attending the 2022 Grammys.
  9. grammys 2022
    Give Joni Mitchell’s Beret a GrammyThe music legend made a rare public appearance in a transcendent ensemble.
  10. grammys 2022
    Zelenskyy Made an Awards Show Appearance After AllHis filmed monologue was followed by a John Legend performance featuring artists from Ukraine.
  11. grammys 2022
    Olivia Rodrigo Is Obviously the Best New ArtistNo word on if she drove herself to the show.
  12. grammys 2022
    Lady Gaga Made Us All Cry at the 2022 GrammysShe also won before she even arrived.
  13. grammys 2022
    The 17 Best, Most Outrageous Looks at the 2022 Grammy AwardsWho won the red carpet?
  14. grammys 2022
    Billie Eilish and Her Tiny Sunglasses Arrive on the Grammys Red CarpetShe later paid tribute to Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins.
  15. grammys 2022
    Everyone Wore Pink to the 2022 GrammysHot pink, pastel pink, and more shades of pink on the red carpet.
  16. grammys 2022
    Everyone Was Kissing on the Grammys Red CarpetTongues everywhere!
  17. grammys 2022
    This Is How Real Rock Stars DressLenny Kravitz saved the Grammys red carpet in a going-out top and heels.
  18. grammys 2022
    Louis C.K., 1 (Grammy); Cancel Culture, 0Big night for problematic men!
  19. grammys 2022
    Did You Think Justin Bieber Wouldn’t Wear Crocs to the Grammys?Bonus points if you had giant blazer on your Grammys bingo card.
  20. grammys 2022
    Jason Lee Is … at the 2022 Grammys?What is the man behind the Queen Elizabeth death hoax doing here?
  21. grammys 2022
    Did You Expect Anything Less From Lil Nas X?He even got Jack Harlow to dance at the Grammys.
  22. grammys 2022
    A Bunch of Major Artists Didn’t Attend the GrammysAriana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West were among the celebrities who skipped the awards show.
  23. grammys 2022
    Doja Cat Isn’t Quitting Red CarpetsMusic, maybe. Anyway, she arrived at the 2022 Grammy Awards vaping in sparkly Versace.
  24. grammys 2022
    Grammy Awards 2022 Red Carpet: All the LooksLady Gaga, Olivia Rodrigo, Lenny Kravitz, Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish, and more.
  25. grammys 2022
    BTS Brought Peak Boy Band Energy to the GrammysA story of seven suits and one smooth performance.