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  1. video
    This Grandma Has a Comically Enraging Explanation for Sexism“Boys are worth more than you are, sweetheart.”
  2. hot shot
    Grandma Looks Subversively Hot in BikiniInspirational.
  3. Happiest Grandma Ever Tries VR, Loses It[Incomprehensible squealing for 45 solid seconds.]
  4. grandmasters
    Sky Ferreira Inherited Her Lipstick M.O. From Her Grandmother Red, naturally. 
  5. mysteries solved!
    Freaky Old Dolls: A Great Way to Terrify Neighbor-ChildrenAnd baffle the police!
  6. strange canadian rituals
    Bieber Serenaded His Grandma While Naked; Is That Weird?For Canadian Thanksgiving.
  7. grandmas
    What Are Post-Menopausal Women Good For?EVERYTHING.