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Gratuitous Male Objectification

  1. gratuitous male objectification
    17 Good Things for a Man to Wear, As Demonstrated by Justin TherouxThe Leftovers may be ending, but our love for Justin will live on.
  2. gratuitous male objectification
    105-Year-Old Woman Asks for Beefy Firefighters at Her Birthday PartyAnd she got her birthday wish.
  3. jeah!
    Here’s a Shirtless Ryan Lochte Eating SpaghettiHe finally got his other pasta.
  4. jeah!
    Poor Ryan Lochte Didn’t Realize the Chlorine Would Turn His Gray Dye Job GreenBless his heart.
  5. gratuitous male objectification
    Men’s Gymnastics Team Literally Begging You to Objectify ThemThey just want as much attention as the women’s team, and they’re willing to try anything necessary to get it.
  6. gratuitous male objectification
    Your Guide to Gratuitous Male Objectification at the OlympicsA horndog tour of Rio 2016.
  7. jeah!
    Attention, World: Ryan Lochte Is a Silver Fox Now The swimmer dyed his hair ahead of the Olympics and [ahooga horn noise].
  8. gratuitous male objectification
    Will Somebody Just Please Give This Hot Chef His Own Food Network Show?Franco Noriega is both a professional chef and underwear model.
  9. gratuitous male objectification
    Viggo Mortensen in Real Life Is Even Better Than Viggo Mortensen Fan FictionViggo Mortensen loves pancakes too.
  10. gratuitous male objectification
    Hot Men in Space: A Visual RetrospectiveThese guys have the right stuff.
  11. gratuitous male objectification
    All Hail Veep, TV’s Premier Silver-Fox DestinationWe missed you, John Slattery.
  12. gratuitous male objectification
    We Could Watch Trevor Noah Fondle Pens All DayMmmmmm-hmmm.
  13. gratuitous male objectification
    Gaze at the Men Imported to Beef Up New York’s New Soccer TeamNew York City Football Club’s star triumvirate.
  14. i’m so thirsty
    Charlie Hunnam Makes Medieval Times SexyI thirst … for knowledge.
  15. summer of swoll
    Are These Asian Street Vendors More Swoll Than Drake?Sorry, Drizzy. 
  16. gratuitous male objectification
    You Can’t Peek Under a Man’s Kilt Without AskingThis is why we can’t have nice things.
  17. lists
    25 Things Men Worry Could Give Them Man-BoobsThere’s a lot of paranoia, according to the internet.
  18. ding-dong watch
    Chris Pratt Believes in Equal Objectification of the Sexes Kind of?
  19. gratuitous male objectification
    The Men of Chocolate City Will Melt Your Brain Huggggaaaaahbutts.
  20. gratuitous male objectification
    Hot, Throbbing Veins Are the New Six-Pack Details has declared it, and so it shall be.
  21. hot shot
    Jared Leto’s Green Hair Tests the Limits of Our LoveWhy, Jared?
  22. gratuitous male objectification
    Meet Trevor Noah’s Dimples, the New Hosts of The Daily ShowThey belong to Trevor Noah, and they are glorious.
  23. gratuitous male objectification
    When Is a Penis Too Good to Break Up With? A.k.a., Dick Too Bomb.
  24. tragedy
    In Underwear Ads, Men No Longer Just Pieces of MeatThey get an “identity.” Lucky.
  25. gratuitous male objectification
    Cute Boys in Sweaters: A Morning at Fashion WeekThis morning, actually.
  26. hot men
    Male Gaze: The Bad Boy With the Good LookHappy birthday, Jimi Hendrix.
  27. gratuitous male objectification
    Watch Shirtless Male Models Offer to Buy You TamponsAnd other things you wish your boyfriend would do.