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Gray Hair

  1. hairy situations
    This Is Why Keanu Reeves’s Girlfriend Doesn’t Dye Her HairAlexandra Grant first started going gray in her 20s.
  2. aging
    Gray Lady Among the Gray BabiesI went gray because I’m old. What’s your excuse?
  3. Why This Beauty Icon Doesn’t Dye Her Gray Hair“Do men have an opinion about women having gray hair? Who cares?”
  4. hairy situations
    How Much Can You Blame Your Parents for Your Gray Hair?Researchers think they’ve found a gray gene.
  5. first person
    Is There Any Good Way to Go Gray in Your 20s?If so, I haven’t found it.
  6. two shades of grey
    Zosia Mamet Dyed Her Hair GrayGranny-inspired.
  7. beauty marks
    Beyoncé Wove Tinsel Into Her Hair; Estée Lauder Created Otto Dix–Inspired ProductsAnd guess who spray tans together?
  8. beauty marks
    Angelina Jolie Tries the Gray-Hair Trend; Snooki Denies Use of BumpitsAnd a Georgia couple is in trouble for tattooing their children with a homemade tattoo gun.
  9. beauty marks
    Alexander Wang’s Spring Braids Have a Moment; Amber Valetta’s New Nars CampaignAnd gray hair is becoming popular in Britain.