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Great Debates

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    Rude Study Says Men Are Better at Assembling Ikea FurnitureHave you seen my dad attempt to put together a dresser?
  2. great debates
    Jewelry Experts Settle Controversial Earring-Back DebateWe don’t know what to believe anymore.
  3. great debates
    Why Would Fashion’s Biggest Critic Slam Beyoncé?She’s an icon for ordinary people — just not the fashion elite.
  4. great debates
    Is Breast-feeding in a Swimming Pool Okay?Woman ejected from public pool fights back.
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    Rihanna’s Denim Thong: A DiscussionSinger posted butt-exposing jeans on Instagram.
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    The Cut Debates: Skirts Over Pants, Yea or Nay?Join our debate on the latest layering trend.