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Great Moments In Pettiness

  1. great moments in pettiness
    Ted Cruz Was Reportedly Rejected During the Senate’s Secret SantaAl Franken continues to trash talk his Senate colleague.
  2. great moments in pettiness
    We Are Living for This Drama Between Sandra Lee and Paul RyanThe Food Network star did not want the Speaker of the House anywhere around her.
  3. clouds in my coffee
    Stop Everything and Listen to This Lost Verse From ‘You’re So Vain’Listen to her add another layer to “You’re So Vain.”
  4. everyday heroes
    The Best Everyday Heroes of 2016Bravery, courage, pettiness, and a whole lot of pizza.
  5. great moments in pettiness
    Woman Wins $1 Million Playing Lotto to Spite Husband, Proving Pettiness Pays OffA valuable life lesson.
  6. great moments in pettiness
    86-Year-Old Woman Hilariously Roasts the Woman Arrested for Stealing Her Purse“I’m supposed to feel sorry for that bitch? I DON’T.”
  7. great moments in pettiness
    Wife and Girlfriend Place Competing ObituariesWhen drama follows you beyond the grave.