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  1. flirting
    I’m Sorry But This Pig Is Obviously FlirtingNo, she’s not seeking “a moment of fame.”
  2. niche drama
    Why Are People in Greece Upset Over the New Mamma Mia! Filming Location?People on the island of Skopelos are feeling disappointed.
  3. summer vacation
    Are Lindsay Lohan and Tiffany Trump Taking a Trip to Greece Together?According to Instagram Stories, they’re “planning Mykonos.”
  4. hairy situations
    Chanel Has the Easiest Summer Hair InspirationChanel cruise 2018 wants you to save all your ribbons.
  5. the urbanist
    What Do Royals Do All Day?They paint, they get accused of fraud, they run boutiques, they chain-smoke.
  6. hot shot
    An Actual Goddess Lit the Olympic Torch in Greece TodayBless the Greeks.
  7. hearts of gold
    Prostitutes Sponsor Broke Greek Soccer TeamThis is not Breast Cancer Awareness pink.