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Greta Lee

  1. spring fashion
    Greta Lee Is Getting Used to ThisTwenty years into her career, she got her first starring role in Past Lives. Now she’s all over red carpets and on best-dressed lists.
  2. hotshot
    I Hope My Baby Comes With a Tiny SweatsuitEspecially if it’s Sandy Liang.
  3. hotshot
    Bury Me in This Dress From The RowOr don’t, because in it I shall live forever.
  4. the cut on tuesdays
    The Secret to Natasha Lyonne’s Success: Resisting the Urge to Stay in BedThis week’s episode of our podcast, The Cut on Tuesdays.
  5. gallery
    The Women of How I Get It Done DayInside our photo booth with photographer Heather Sten.
  6. how i get it done day
    Greta Lee on the Pressures of Writing an ‘Identity Story’Her show KTown could be the first show ever centered on Asian-Americans on cable TV.
  7. A Day in the Life of 8 Successful Women“I would sleep until 1 if I could, I just don’t really get the opportunity these days.”
  8. cut covers
    Everyone’s Ready to Watch Greta LeeAnd the actress is feeling the pressure of being seen.
  9. behind the scenes
    Greta Lee Is Our December Cover WomanThe actress is developing an HBO series that could become the first cable show ever centered on Asian-Americans.