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Grey’s Anatomy

  1. making it
    All the TV I Watched When I Was Chronically DepressedWhen I wasn’t watching TV, I could hear my brain, and my brain was the worst podcast in the world.
  2. dream date
    Scott Speedman Grows UpThe You and Grey’s Anatomy actor is enjoying his next life phase: fatherhood.
  3. women in hollywood
    Ellen Pompeo Stayed on Grey’s Anatomy Because of Her Age“My clock was already ticking in Hollywood.”
  4. r.i.p. mcdreamy
    Grey’s Anatomy Does Not Need a Man to Be Successful, Thank You Very Much“It’s amazing how much you get done without a penis.”
  5. wellness theories
    Sophie Tweed-Simmons on Being ‘Plus Size’ in Hollywood “I can’t make myself thinner or prettier, but I can walk into the room with more confidence and personality.”
  6. shes the boss
    Hollywood’s 25 Most Memorable Boss HairstylesOnscreen, women in charge have the best hair.
  7. quotables
    Shonda Rhimes: It’s Okay for Women on TV to Have One-Night Stands“A bunch of older guys told me that nobody was going to watch a show about a woman who had casual sex.”
  8. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Jesse Williams Removed His Grey’s ScrubsHello, Givenchy-clad man.