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  1. grooming
    Do Not Tell Lies About Matthew McConaughey’s HairHe grew it back himself, thank you very much.
  2. nailed it
    Have We Been Clipping Our Nails All Wrong?Possibly, according to Matthew McConaughey, “extremely talented fingernail clipper.”
  3. pubic hair today
    What’s New in Pube Science? New research looks at how women in the U.S. groom their pubic hair.
  4. dogs
    Beauty Secrets From the Westminster Kennel Club Dog ShowThese bitches know how to primp.
  5. hairy armpits
    Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Pit Hair Know before you grow.
  6. grooming
    So Should We All Grow Out Our Pit Hair This Summer?Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, and Chinese feminists agree.
  7. grooming
    The Full-Bush Brazilian: ‘Having It All’ With PubesHippie in the front, porn star in the back.
  8. Exclusive Video: Tom Ford Explains How to Look Like Tom Ford“Looking the best you can is a show of respect to others around you.”
  9. grooming
    Man Discovers Foundation, Feels More Confident Welcome, Farhad Manjoo.
  10. grooming
    Bikini Waxing Killed CrabsGlad it’s good for something.
  11. he looks pretty oh so pretty
    The Best Grooming Moments From the Menswear ShowsRejoice in the gold lipstick and silver body paint, dudes!
  12. gratuitous male objectification week
    The Male Exotic Dancers of Hunk-A-Mania on Their Grooming RoutinesA male stripper’s vanity includes lots of body oils and a trusty electric razor.
  13. grooming
    Victoria Beckham Is Really Enjoying Her New Marc Jacobs ToyShe even combs his hair.
  14. party chat
    Michael Bastian Discusses His CFDA Award and Grooming Routine“I have a very wonderful bath ritual.”