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Growing Up

  1. star material
    A Handy Guide to (Surviving) Your Saturn ReturnAn existential crisis triggered by the universe can be a good thing!
  2. growing up
    Teaching Myself Piano at the End of the WorldThis time, on my terms — not my mom’s.
  3. time
    Blue Ivy Is a Tween, and You Are AncientThis celebrity baby is now old enough to wear lip gloss and be embarrassed by her dad.
  4. book excerpt
    Those Were the Days of Our LivesThis generation will never know the true freedom — and neglect — of being an ’80s kid.
  5. millennials
    Outsourcing AdulthoodCan you ever really grow up if you don’t do anything for yourself?
  6. advice
    Ask Polly: Now That We’re In Our 30s, My Friends Are Abandoning Me!Sometimes people just don’t show up for you.
  7. Maybe You Should Just Never RetireIt’s not like the baby-boomers are going to leave any Social Security funding for the rest of us, anyway.
  8. growing up
    Rich, Famous Couple Finally Moves Out of Parents’ HouseA big step for two adults and their children.
  9. expectations versus reality
    How Being Optimistic in Your Teens Comes Back to Haunt You in Your 30sSo no one told you life was gonna be this way?
  10. kids today
    Millennials’ Parents Can’t Stop Meddling. How Big a Problem Is That?They’re even showing up in the workplace. 
  11. friends forever
    9 Friends Who Made Me Who I AmAll the people I called “best friend,” from kindergarten through college.
  12. growing up
    Here’s How Those Darn Millennials Define AdulthoodGrowing up. 
  13. growing up
    Jennifer Aniston Admits She Was Way Awkward in Her ThirtiesJust unbearably gawky.
  14. growing up
    The Claire Danes Guide to Getting Over Teen BulliesShe shared a junior-high bully with Morena Baccarin.
  15. 90s nostalgia
    Winona Ryder on Nineties Nostalgia and Getting Older“It’s interesting for me now to be the older one, because I was always the kid.”