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Guido Palau

  1. beauty marks
    Solange Knowles Lands a Beauty Campaign, While Beyoncé Launches a Beauty SchoolAnd Jennifer Aniston’s representative confirmed that the actress is working on a scent.
  2. beauty marks
    Bottega Veneta’s Extreme Comb-overs; JWOWW Is a Fan of Self-Tanning LotionPlus: The simple look at Dolce & Gabbana.
  3. beauty marks
    Chanel’s Spring Nail Color Revealed; Jennifer Lopez Debuts New Fragrance CampaignAnd Pete Wentz shaved off his “emo swoosh.”
  4. beauty marks
    Burberry’s ‘Diet Makeup’; Rihanna Is Almost BlondeAnd Chris Benz chose a name for his Lancême lipstick.