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Guilty Pleasures

  1. guilty pleasures
    I Can’t Shut Up About Selling the O.C.Honey, I’m home.
  2. self-care
    25 Famous Women on Their Guilty Pleasures and IndulgencesCelebrities like Oprah, Brenda Song, and Saweetie share what they splurge on.
  3. guilty pleasures
    I Hate How Much I Love My SkimsKim Kardashian West offends me to my core. She also makes maddeningly good shapewear.
  4. guilty pleasures
    Food Network Videos Are My ASMRIna Garten, free me from my hellscape.
  5. guilty pleasures
    Jennifer Weiner Uncovers Everything You Wanted to Know About The BachelorLike, why do they all look alike?
  6. weddings!
    Timbielake’s People Cover Soon to Be UpstagedThat didn’t take long.
  7. guilty pleasures
    Bravo Developing Five New Fashion-Themed Reality ShowsIncluding ‘Fashionality,’ which sounds like fashion’s answer to those annoying political pundit shows.