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  1. gun violence
    What We Know About the UNC-Chapel Hill Shooting A graduate student suspected of shooting a professor is in custody.
  2. power
    A White Woman Has Been Charged for Shooting Her Black NeighborSusan Lorincz has received one count of manslaughter and one count of assault, but is not being charged with murder.
  3. crime
    Two Cheerleaders Were Shot After Nearly Getting Into the Wrong CarPedro Tello Rodriguez Jr., 25, has been charged with deadly conduct.
  4. school shootings
    A 6-Year-Old Shot His Teacher — Now What?The boy’s mother has been indicted on child-neglect and endangerment charges after he gained access to her gun.
  5. mass shootings
    Everything We Know About the Monterey Park ShootingA gunman killed 11 people in a majority Asian American neighborhood.
  6. chaos
    Elon Musk’s Bedside Table Is Even More Terrifying Than You’d ExpectWhich is more concerning: the multiple guns or the cans of caffeine-free Coke?
  7. gun violence
    Walmart Manager Killed Six Employees in Mass ShootingA manager in a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia, killed six co-workers before turning the gun on himself.
  8. gun control
    The Senate Just Announced a Bipartisan Gun-Safety DealHere’s what it actually says.
  9. power
    How Rumors of an Active Shooter at Barclays Left 10 People InjuredAn investigation determined no shots were fired.
  10. uvalde
    The Children Are No Longer Our FutureSo now what?
  11. power
    The New Face of American Gun OwnershipBlack women are pushing against the (white, rural, and male) stereotype.
  12. guns
    New York’s Attorney General Is Suing to End the NRAThe gun rights advocacy group is accused of defrauding its members to enrich its leaders.
  13. protests
    Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Face Felony ChargesMark and Patricia McCloskey pulled firearms on peaceful protesters walking through their neighborhood last month.
  14. power
    How Many Students Have Been Traumatized by Active-Shooter Drills?In a new report, two major teachers unions have called for schools to end or revise the drills, saying they’re harmful to children.
  15. sandy hook
    Sandy Hook Evacuated Over Bomb Threat on 6th Anniversary of Mass ShootingStudents were dismissed for the day after the threat came in.
  16. the cut on tuesdays
    How It Feels to Survive Being ShotThis week’s episode of The Cut on Tuesdays podcast.
  17. mass shootings
    Everything We Know About the California Shooting SpreeSix were found dead — including the gunman.
  18. national walkout day
    A Florida High-School Student Was Shot During National School Walkout DayThe shooting occurred at a high school in Ocala, Florida.
  19. on the hunt for love
    Donald Trump Jr. Reportedly Fills Void in Heart With Concealed-Carry PermitDefinitely not a mid-life crisis.
  20. gun girls
    Tomi Lahren’s Latest Cause Is Promoting Gun-Slinging Yoga PantsThe Fox News contributor took to Instagram to tout the benefits of yoga pants with gun pockets.
  21. guns
    School Class About Gun Safety Ends With Teacher Accidentally Firing GunThree students were injured.
  22. stoneman shooting
    Trump Proposes Rewarding Teachers Who Carry Guns With a BonusIn the wake of the most recent school shooting, the president is going hard on the idea of arming teachers.
  23. guns
    Children of Any Age Can Now Hunt With Guns in This StateA new law eliminated the previous age minimum of 10 years old.
  24. texas church shooting
    Senator Calls Out ‘Cowardly’ Colleagues for Doing Nothing After Mass Shootings“The time is now for Congress to shed its cowardly cover and do something.”
  25. guns
    NRA Holds Inaugural Concealed-Carry Fashion ShowFeaturing bra holsters, quick-draw tote bags, and day-to-night options.
  26. politics
    The NRA Is Throwing a ‘Concealed-Carry Fashion Show’As part of its inaugural “Carry Guard Expo.”
  27. An Unusual Anti-Suicide Partnership Targeting Gun Shops Is Ramping UpIt will be a while before we have any data on its effectiveness, but this looks like a smart harm-reduction program.
  28. domestic violence
    South Carolina State Rep. Allegedly Beat His Wife and Pointed a Gun at HerRepublican Chris Corley of South Carolina was arrested and charged with domestic violence.
  29. guns
    What the States With the Most School Shootings Have in CommonPublic spending matters.
  30. suicide
    Here’s an Encouraging Partnership to Reduce Gun SuicidesFor a complicated public-health problem like gun suicides, it’s important to get everyone — including gun-shop owners — on the same page.
  31. It Matters If You Think Crime Is a Monster or a DiseaseMetaphors frame the way you think.
  32. The AMA Will Lobby Congress to Overturn Block on Gun-Violence ResearchThe nation’s largest association of doctors just issued a statement calling gun violence a “public-health crisis.”
  33. Health Officials’ Unlikely Partner in Preventing Gun Suicides: Gun-Shop OwnersLessons from an intriguing study in New Hampshire.
  34. trigger warnings
    A Mother Who Is Pleading for Change in Gun Laws3½ Minutes, 10 Bullets, a documentary about the tragic killing of Jordan Davis, premiers tonight on HBO at 9 p.m. EST.
  35. questionable ideas
    A Gun Range Wants to Help You Get Over Your Divorce Heal heartbreak the NRA way.
  36. trigger warnings
    The Scary Reason Some Men Like Guns Better Than WomenI saw a sign hanging above his desk. It said, “10 reasons why a handgun is better than a woman.”
  37. her madgesty
    Madonna’s Dancer Boyfriend Is Now a Fashion DesignerSome of his clothes even feature an AK-47 rifle.
  38. firearm feminism
    Rise of the Female Gun NutHello Kitty handguns, concealed-carry bras, and a charged gender debate.
  39. first person
    The School Shooting That Didn’t Change My Liberal, Pro-Gun ChildhoodA boy opened fire at my school dance, but my Democratic parents remained pro-gun.
  40. pip pip hooray
    Is Pippa Middleton Moving to New York?!That would be AWESOME. Right?
  41. gunslingers
    Stephen Colbert Also Finds Gun Fashion Hilarious“Finally, the handgun meets the Tim Gunn!”
  42. gunslingers
    The Times Explains How to Hide Your Gun and Still Look StylishDon’t you feel safer already?
  43. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Parties With Dwarves, Strippers; Scandalous Photos EmergeMore details about her very exciting weekend in Paris.
  44. Pippa and the Gun: The Middletons’ Very First ScandalIf charged with illegal use of a handgun, she could face up to seven years in prison.