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Guy Trebay

  1. fashion statements
    Street Style: More Important Than Fashion Last Year?Yes, according to Guy Trebay.
  2. fashion talk
    Guy Trebay on the New Bloggers, Future of FashionThe ‘Times’ critic sat down for a Q&A with ‘WWD.’
  3. fall 2009
    Designers Played It Safe in Milan, But They Shouldn’t HaveNow more than ever, retailers are looking for something new.
  4. dress code
    Sean Avery Pontificates on Men in ShortsHe explains that men should expose their legs because women do it, and because ladies love ogling men’s ankles.
  5. dress code
    Is Anne Slowey Right About the Fate of Dresses?’Elle’ fashion editor Anne Slowey says the dress will be out of style come August. Guy Trebay would like to prove her wrong.