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    Little Girl Is Mean to Vincent Gallo at Anna SuiListen, we know we’ve said a lot about Vincent Gallo that has been, shall we say, unflattering. But we can’t help that we noticed this: At Anna Sui’s show in the tents Wednesday afternoon, Gallo sat next to a little girl who spent most of the show leaning away from him and at one point held her invitation up between them. However, and here’s the shocker, we felt bad seeing that.
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    Derek Lam Articulates Feminine LuxuryFashion can be mercilessly fickle: Designers are quite often dismissed just as soon as they’re discovered. So thank God for Derek Lam, who has slowly, methodically, and quietly worked his way toward a collection that is now a mainstay of what we consider American fashion.
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    Michael Kors Designs for the Gossip GirlsMuch of the blondest hair in New York can be found in the front row at a Michael Kors fashion show. Kors, who is a master of the campy one-liner, is something of a court designer to those women who are so fortunate as to maintain a nutty brown complexion twelve months a year without ever visiting a tanning salon. He knows exactly how to show off those Palm Beach tans and blonde, blonde hair, making them shine and making them look their best.
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    Veronica Webb’s Fashion ‘Sense’ Keeps Us AmusedThe Isaac Mizrahi show Wednesday afternoon was a very refined affair. It was held at his office on Tenth Avenue, and we were greeted with coffee (in china cups) and bonbons. Bonbons!