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  1. hackers
    Hacker Leaks Fake Nudes of Lili ReinhartShortly after someone hacked her boyfriend and Riverdale co-star, Cole Sprouse.
  2. hackers
    Hackers Threaten to Publish Plastic-Surgery Photos of RoyalsA group known as the Dark Overlord stole photos from a high-profile plastic surgeon in London.
  3. oops
    Email Prankster Reportedly Fooled Several High-Ranking White House OfficialsAnthony Scaramucci and Eric Trump were among the targets.
  4. hackers
    Alert Taylor Swift: Someone Hacked Katy Perry’s Twitter Account Apparently, she did not write, “Miss u baby @TaylorSwift13.”
  5. the zine report
    This All-Women Tech Zine Arrived Right on TimeIssue one of The Recompiler is out now.
  6. hackers
    Hackers Claim They’ve Posted the Stolen Ashley Madison User DataIt hasn’t been verified, so don’t start searching for married dudes just yet. (And maybe just hold off forever.)
  7. women’s rights
    Planned Parenthood’s Site Has Been Shut Down by Hackers“This is a new low for anti-abortion extremists,” a spokesperson for the organization said.
  8. what goes around comes around
    Hackers Spite Millions of Private CheatersThey’re threatening to leak the personal information of 37 million Ashley Madison users if the site isn’t shut down.
  9. fun and games
    Hackers Game Tinder for Ultimate GainHack the planet. 
  10. horrifying things
    Baby-Monitor Hackers Are the Creepiest HackersHorrifying inventiveness.
  11. security breaches
    How to Protect Yourself From the Zappos HackersAlthough chances are, you’re probably fine.