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  1. drug store haul
    The 11 Most Innovative Hair Products Under $15Best of the drugstore hair aisle.
  2. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Center Part A casual chignon.
  3. crime
    The Big Business of Fake Hair and Why People Steal ItThere’s a black market for chemically treated extensions. 
  4. up for auction
    Tomorrow, People Will Bid on a Single Strand of Elvis’s Hair Ew.
  5. freaky friday hair swap
    Freaky Friday Hair-Swap: Lorde and Taylor Swift Inspired by Taylor’s Giver cameo.
  6. brunch in a man bun
    My Week With Jared Leto HairA regular guy tries hommebré.
  7. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Lily Allen’s Braided Helmet The milkmaid look.
  8. pam an
    Pam Anderson Has Learned to Embrace Having Sex in a Pixie CutShort hair, don’t care.
  9. #TBT: What Beach Waves Looked Like in the 1930sBouncier!
  10. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Kate Winslet’s Piece-y UpdoWispy. 
  11. the olsen twins
    Mary-Kate Olsen Just Learned How to Brush Her HairHer bedhead look simply never required it. 
  12. q&a
    Q&A: The Women Who Wrote the Book on Black Hair“The black hair story is truly an American story.”
  13. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: Making the Case for Dry ConditionerIt’s like fabric softener for your hair. 
  14. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Rihanna’s Waist-Length Ponytail Long hair, don’t care.
  15. jared leto’s hair
    Instagram Theory: Will Jared Leto Cut Off His Hair?He posted an old picture of himself with shorter hair.
  16. the new naturals
    3 New Natural Hair-Care Lines to Try One indie, one from a drugstore, and one from a salon. 
  17. ask a stylist
    Ask a Stylist: How to Grow Out a Pixie CutThink of it like a pimple in the middle of your forehead. 
  18. kim kardashian
    Kim Kardashian Got a Short-ish HaircutPiece-y layers.
  19. stylist stories
    Odile Gilbert: No Hairstyle Is Impossible“For a while all the models were quite scared of doing anything to their hair.”
  20. big hair don’t care
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: J.Lo’s Strange Side BunIn the “I Luh Ya Papi” video.
  21. lab rat
    Lab Rat: A Hairspray for ‘Cool-Girl Hair’For anti–Honey Boo Boo hair. 
  22. freaky friday hair swap
    Freaky Friday Hair-Swap: Justin Bieber and Selena GomezSelena as wood sprite. 
  23. Tricks for Thicker HairIncludes salmon and lasers. 
  24. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Pippa Middleton Went Half-Up, Half-DownPippa’s bumps. 
  25. tbt
    #TBT: This St. Patrick’s Day, Wear Flowers Instead of Cardboard in Your HairRoses for St. Patrick’s Day? Sure. 
  26. the dark ages of hair
    A Brief Timeline of Odd Hair Treatments Throughout HistoryThe ancients used curlers, too. 
  27. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Joan Collins and Prince Charles Went Head-to-HeadDynasty royalty meets real royalty. 
  28. the dedicated
    I Tried a Scalp Facial And learned that my hair is full of secrets about my health.
  29. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: Trying the New Pre-Wash Hair TreatmentsLike skin care for your hair. 
  30. freaky friday hair swap
    Freaky Friday Hair-Swap: Cara and Karl Switch Chanel PonytailsThe Kaiser wears a sausage ponytail. 
  31. Vivienne Westwood Shaves Her Head to Save the EarthCaptain Planet would approve.
  32. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Trying 2 New At-Home Hair Color GlossesTesting two dueling formulas.
  33. q&a
    Nyong’o’s Hair Stylist on That Oscars HeadbandWhen he saw it, he said, “I’m going to have to implement this.”
  34. vanity’s unfair
    On the West Coast, Men Are Nearly As Vain As WomenWho pays what for a haircut.
  35. editor’s picks
    Editor’s Picks: 5 New Hair Products for a Perfect Long BobWhen you don’t want to look too uptown or downtown (and certainly not Midtown).
  36. freaky friday hair swap
    Freaky Friday Hair-Swap: Bradley Cooper & J.LawProof that Bradley Cooper can wear any hairstyle. 
  37. hairy situations
    Looking Back at 25 Years of the Most Questionable Hair at the OscarsIt’s hard to be a celebrity on a red carpet.
  38. hair balls
    The Craziest Hair of Fashion Month (So Far)So many hair balls.
  39. man buns
    Jared Leto May Wear a Wet Man-Bun to the OscarsIt’s just “really important that he doesn’t look like a woman.” 
  40. ask a stylist
    Ask a Stylist: How to Re-create Beyoncé’s Wet Grammys HairThe secret ingredient? K-Y Jelly.
  41. ‘do or don’t of the day
    Lupita Nyong’o Had 2 Hair Mountains on SaturdaySeparated by a deep valley.
  42. Check Out the Cut’s New Hair BlogBecause hair is universal. 
  43. beauty gif
    Beauty GIF: How to Get Finger Waves Like Lady Edith on DowntonLady’s maid not required. 
  44. big hair don’t care
    Wonderful New Research to Help Animators Create Better Curly HairScientists doing great work. 
  45. men with hair
    The Best Men’s Hair at the Olympics Hair force won.
  46. let’s get weir
    Johnny Weir’s Ukrainian Braid of SupportBig Braid ideology.
  47. gif tutorial
    Beauty GIFs: How to Get ‘I Just Got Laid’ HairBedhead, minus the tangles.
  48. beauty gif
    Beauty GIFs: How to Get Keira Knightley’s UpdoStraight from the hands of Ben Skervin, her hairstylist of ten years.
  49. hairy situations
    The Kookiest Hair Looks From Men’s Fashion WeekMan-buns look so quaint in comparison.
  50. hairdos and don’ts
    Donald Trump and 10 Other Things Miley Cyrus’s Hair Now Looks LikeA little Irish cottage, perhaps?
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