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Hair Dye

  1. seeing green
    Green Hair Is Here and Ready to PartyIt’s not easy being green, but it helps if you’re famous.
  2. blue everything
    Cardi B’s Bright Blue Hair Matches Her LamborghiniHer colorist mixed four different shades together to perfectly match her new car.
  3. bottled blondes
    Why Does Every Male Celebrity Look Like Draco Malfoy Now?My father will hear about this.
  4. hairy situations
    Sephora Finally Has More of This Best Selling Holographic Hair DyeNo mo’ FOMO.
  5. hot shot
    Kristen Stewart Has Accidental Frosted TipsThe perils of growing out a platinum buzz cut.
  6. Why Manic Panic Is Still CoolThe story behind a punk-scene fixture that never died.
  7. hairy situations
    This Magic Dye Changes Your Hair Color According to Temperature and MoodPractical magic.
  8. accounting
    I Spent $11,537 Becoming a BlondeAnd I’d do it again.
  9. hairy situations
    Q&A: A Colorist Doing Bold Dye Jobs ‘Down There’Now you can brighten up your bikini wax, too.