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Hair Extensions

  1. beauty interview
    Chaka Khan Wants You to Stop Using Ice ImmediatelySeriously, right now.
  2. nyfw fall 2019
    All the Fake Hair That Hung Out at New York Fashion WeekA true workhorse of backstage beauty.
  3. I Got Hair Extensions and They Turned Me Into a Hot MonsterI’m sorry, everybody.
  4. koiffed by kardashian
    Kylie Jenner Is Going Into the Hair BusinessAs she would. 
  5. crime
    The Big Business of Fake Hair and Why People Steal ItThere’s a black market for chemically treated extensions. 
  6. hairy situations
    There’s a Growing Ring of Chinese Weave ThievesThe quest for “good hair” is relentless and international.
  7. Twitter Helps to Capture Weave ThievesInstagram provided a break in the case.
  8. beauty crime
    Black Market for Hair Extensions Is ThrivingBurglars skip the register to steal human hair.
  9. hair bandits
    This Woman Harvests Hair From Russian VillagesThe finest weaves in all the land. 
  10. beauty marks
    Vitamin A in Sunscreen Can Lead to Tumors; Kim Kardashian Tried BotoxAlso, UV nail dryers in salons could cause cancer too.
  11. beauty marks
    Doctors Let Patients Stay Awake for Boob Jobs; Non-Surgeons Perform Lipo in CaliforniaAnd a 28-year-old New Yorker claims that she spends $47,000 a year on hair extensions.