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Hair Loss

  1. power
    Ayanna Pressley Reveals Her Struggles With AlopeciaIn a moving video, the congresswoman showed her bald head for the first time.
  2. hairy situations
    15 Ways to Convince Your Hair to Grow Longer and FasterIt’s not just a waiting game.
  3. hair loss
    The Hair Problem No One Ever Talks AboutSee a new short film about living with alopecia.
  4. hide your kids hide your wife
    Your Favorite TV Shows Are Murdering Everyone’s HairWhen will it end?
  5. self reflection
    I Stared Down Mortality, and It Made Me Worry About My HairIf this doesn’t stop, there’s not going to be anything left.
  6. it's complicated
    The Challenge of Enjoying Sex While Wearing a WigIt’s hard to be in the moment when you’re worried about your hair falling off your head.
  7. wellness theories
    Donald Faison on Shaving His Head and Keeping It RealThe Clueless and Scrubs star talks about how he stays healthy.
  8. hairy situations
    What Is Dry Shampoo Doing to Your Hair?Can it make your hair fall out?
  9. wellness theories
    Viola Davis on Redefining BeautyThe actress talks about wellness, vulnerability, and “strong black woman disease.”
  10. first person
    I Love Watching Men Worry About BaldingFinally, guys are concerned about aging, too.
  11. Tricks for Thicker HairIncludes salmon and lasers.