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Hair Politics

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    The U.S. Army Finally Lifted Its Ban on DreadlocksAfrican-American servicewomen are praising the change.
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    Braiding Hair Is No Longer a State CrimeAt least in Nebraska.
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    Taylor Swift Meets the Weeknd and It Goes Exactly How You’d ExpectOof, Taylor.
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    Hire Tracee Ellis Ross, Hire Her Awesome Big Hair “I don’t need to play this game anymore in order to be considered beautiful.”
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    Chuck Hagel Orders Militarywide Review of Hair RulesNow the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines are all reviewing their hair policies. 
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    Army Asks Black Women to Treat or Braid HairTwists, dreadlocks, and wide or irregular braids not acceptable.
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    White Blogger Talks Afro-Wig-Wearing OdysseyShe just thought it looked cool.