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  1. hair today
    What Your Hairstylist Knows About Love The juiciest stories from the people who’ve heard it all. 
  2. grooming
    The Full-Bush Brazilian: ‘Having It All’ With PubesHippie in the front, porn star in the back.
  3. hair today
    Miley Cyrus Desperately Trying to Grow Out Hair“I’m secretly tugging on it every night and taking Viviscal.”
  4. michelle obama’s bangs
    Michelle Obama Has Retired Her BangsBut we’ll never forget them.
  5. hair today
    Amanda Bynes Shaved Half of Her HeadBut it actually makes her seem more sane.
  6. lists
    The 21 Most Badass Bald-Woman MomentsFrom Hathaway to Britney, Cleopatra, and Christian saints.
  7. hair today
    Bradley Cooper Thinks He Got a PermBoys, what do they know?
  8. hair today
    Get Your Own Mini-Snooki Poof!Goody’s new Simple Styles collection is more infomercial gadget-y than its usual hairbands.