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Girlicious Lands the Perfect Beauty Deal

Girlicious are the new faces of volumizing products by Sexy Hair Concepts, and Michael Kors says "everyone in New York" gets injections in their feet to pad them for high-heel wear.

Naomi Watts’s New Campaign; Get Rihanna’s Do

Naomi Watts is the new face of Thierry Mugler's new fragrance, Rihanna's hair stylist is in town this weekend, and someone in Argentina wants to tax beautiful people for being beautiful.

How We Killed Our Virtual Miss Bimbo

We didn't carve out feeding time on the game that allows 9- to 16-year-old girls to foster a virtual bimbo with diets, sexy outfits, and boob jobs.

Jordin Sparks Joins Lauren Conrad for Avon

Jordin Sparks is Avon's new Chief Inspirational Officer, now they make earrings you're supposed to spray with perfume, and yet another "miracle" product from L'Occitane.

Lookie! Kate Hudson Has Scary Blue Hair!

Kate Hudson's got some new blue hair streaks, Goody now makes brushes ideal for African-American locks, and Ralph Lauren's latest scent is ready for fruity teens.

Roberto Cavalli Up for Sale; Model Agencies Feud

If you want to buy Roberto Cavalli's company, you better have around $1.89 billion saved; Next and Elite model agencies get into a catfight; and brunettes marry richer men than blondes.