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  1. hot shot
    Something Seems Different About Jared Kushner’s HairWe can’t quite put our finger on it.
  2. look of the day
    Cara Delevingne Jumped on the Side-Shave Bandwagon Unsurprising.
  3. wigs
    Rihanna Wore a Bubblegum-Pink Wig Last NightSeasonal.
  4. man manes
    7 New Things We Learned About Men With Long HairMeet the community of male longhairs.
  5. hairdos and don’ts
    Donald Trump and 10 Other Things Miley Cyrus’s Hair Now Looks LikeA little Irish cottage, perhaps?
  6. unbeweavable hair
    7 Things Lady Gaga’s Dreadlocks Actually Look LikeLots of creatures, some cleaning tools.
  7. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 20 Days to Go!No tree? Just decorate your hair!
  8. mommy blogging
    Kids’ Preposterous Updos Are YouTube SenstationsIt’s an Olympic-level fishtail.
  9. hairdos
    Jake Gyllenhaal’s Hair Is Finally Long Enough to Pull BackMan-bun alert.
  10. science
    A Laser Helmet for Hair Restoration at Home Putting science to good use.
  11. quotables
    Miley’s Life Is Totally Different With New HairLife didn’t change her hair; her hair changed her life.
  12. scene stealers
    Street Style: Young and Fearless at Rihanna’s ConcertStreetwear a-go-go, while waiting outside for her performance to start.
  13. How Britney Spears Showed Up on Oscar NightSequin gown, low-cut neckline, and a hair-related surprise.
  14. hair evolution
    Keri Russell’s Hair: An Illustrated HistoryFrom corkscrew Felicity to her new, mostly straight do.
  15. Beautygram: Updated Edie Sedgwicks at Marc JacobsAndy would be so proud.
  16. slideshows
    The Many Messy Buns of Women’s GymnasticsSay goodbye to ultra-tight ponytails and hello to loose, undone buns.
  17. ponytails are the new braids
    Now You Can Get Fancy, Expensive Ponytails TooBraid Bar’s John Barrett has now opened the Ponytail Bar.