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  1. crime
    A Crucial Question at the Nanny Trial: Is She Faking Her Hallucinations?The court tries to figure out whether Yoselyn Ortega really heard the Devil.
  2. Appropriately Trippy Images Reveal What Brains on LSD Look LikeIt’s the first visualization of the brain on the psychedelic drug.
  3. hallucinations
    David Bowie Is Apparently a Frequent Guest Star in People’s HallucinationsAccording to the medical literature. 
  4. the mind
    Perfectly Healthy Brains HallucinateSeeing and hearing things isn’t always a sign of psychosis.
  5. seeing things
    Weird Things Happen in the Minds of UltramarathonersOne runner hallucinated rotting corpses, giant beetles, and “mutant mice monsters.” Fun!
  6. the mind
    It Is Apparently Possible to Hallucinate People’s AccentsJudging a voice by its speaker’s appearance. 
  7. johnny!
    Watch Johnny Depp Hallucinate a BuffaloIn his first-ever fragrance commercial for Dior. 
  8. hallucinations
    What Out-of-Body Experiences Teach About Our Sense of SelfEerie. 
  9. studies
    Stare Into Someone’s Eyes for 10 Solid Minutes and Things Are Going to Get WeirdThe participants in this study started to hallucinate a little.