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  1. science of us
    Will Magic Mushrooms Soon Be Decriminalized?Everything to know about the growing national movement.
  2. hallucinogens
    The Research on Ketamine As an Antidepressant Looks Quite ExcitingThe psychiatric establishment has begun to embrace the hallucinogen as a vital tool in the fight against treatment-resistant depression.
  3. hallucinogens
    LSD Lasts So Long Because It Burrows Into Your Serotonin ReceptorsSo that explains the 12-hour trips.
  4. hallucinogens
    LSD, Yoga, and the Therapeutic Process of ‘Ego Dissolution’Want to quit smoking or reduce anxiety? Lose yourself, then find yourself.
  5. psilocybin
    Psilocybin Is Looking More and More Like a Potential Wonder DrugTwo new studies add to a growing body of research suggesting that hallucinogens may have profound psychiatric potential.
  6. What It’s Like to Have Your Severe Depression Treated With a Hallucinogenic Drug“It’s like you’re watching your own brain.”
  7. How Hallucinogens Taught Dr. Oliver Sacks EmpathyRevisiting the neurologist-slash-writer’s most recent work on his 81st birthday.