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Hand Washing

  1. all in the family
    My Mom Is Thrilled You’re Washing Your HandsPersonally, I’ve never been more grateful she’s a nurse.
  2. skin deep
    Handwashing Tutorials Are What We Watch NowA new kind of celebrity skin-care routine.
  3. health
    What Researchers Found When They Had a Handwashing ContestThe WHO and the CDC offer different recommendations for proper handwashing technique. Which is right?
  4. wellness theories
    Melissa Joan Hart on Smelly Soap and GuacamoleThe actress on how she stays well with three young kids.
  5. cleanliness and godliness
    The Right Way to Wash Your HandsThat bathroom doorknob is, of course, covered in germs.
  6. Which Gets Hands Cleaner: Paper Towels or Air Dryers?A public restroom hygienic battle.
  7. Busy Health-Care Workers Wash Their Hands Less In demanding jobs, nobody has time to follow the rules. 
  8. gone in 20 seconds
    You Probably Aren’t Washing Your Hands Long EnoughHow to time twenty seconds in your head.